My First Meal After 30 Day Master Cleanser


2013-01-31 11.33.25

Everyone who knows that I’ve been on a month long cleanse has been asking/wondering what I’m going to have for my first meal.  In order to come off the cleanse properly, I prepared my system for food by having fresh orange juice for two days.  So today I took a walk down to the nearby Sprouts Farmers Market to get some fruit for lunch and some veggies for dinner.  I can only carry so much in my backpack, so I picked up what looked good.  Here is my lovely fruit bowl with fresh organic blueberries, pears, bananas, orange slices and sprinkled with chia seeds.  I had to add a tiny drizzle of real maple syrup to take the edge off the oranges which were very tart/tangy.  I also had grapefruit wedges on the side.  I couldn’t even finish all of this in one sitting.  I’m a bit of a grazer anyway so I take a while to eat while I do other things.


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