What’s In My Tortilla Today? Hypocrite Dessert!


dessert tortilla 4.1.2013

So the hypocrite surfaces!  I know, it looks funny.  I made this recipe for vegan fudge the other day and it’s really not fudge-y enough for my liking.  Still quite tasty though!  It’s almost more like a cake frosting/icing.  Okay, I’ll admit, maybe that was my error?  I have no idea.  I followed the recipe (which is a first for me, by the way).  I warmed the tortilla in the toaster oven and spread the “fudge” on it and rolled it up.  Easy and in no way healthy.  Perhaps “healthier” because it’s vegan, but still loaded with sugar.  As long as sugar is consumed in moderation, I say (or the hypocrite says) go ahead and indulge!

My apologies for the lousy photo…it was late in the evening after a long day.


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