What’s In My Smoothie Today? Look out, tortilla, IT’S ON!




See? I don’t just make tasty tortillas all day long every day.  Smoothie making is an art just like the tortillas and it also requires a certain amount of forethought.  By forethought, I mean, you’ve got to buy bananas in varying degrees of greenness so you can have them ripe each day.  I never buy a connected bunch of bananas because they’ll all be ripe at the same time and that’s fine if you plan to feed them to a bunch of people, but when it’s just you, it’s a whole other story.  Anyway, I also keep frozen organic fruits on hand too–mixed berries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  I don’t always use frozen fruit and today the only frozen fruit I used is raspberries.  Okay, I bought a whole pineapple the other day and I cut that up and froze most of it too, but it was purchased fresh.  It doesn’t keep that long in the freezer anyway.  Enough blathering and on with the business at hand.

Here’s what I’m drinking right now:



Fresh squeezed orange juice (yes, I did!)

Frozen raspberries


Coconut Milk

Splash of Aloe Vera Juice (I got a big gallon jug from, you guessed it, Trader Joe’s)

Splash of maple syrup (grade B, real thing)

Dash of Vitamin C crystals (can’t hurt, right?)

I end up with about 3 cups (24 oz.) of smoothie.  Oh, and I know the photo shows a cute glass–hah!  I usually drink the smoothie right from the blender through my Simply Straws glass straw which I got from Vegan Cuts.  Check it out here.

It’s almost time for lunch now…time for the tortilla to take over again.  Please stay tuned for another special treat as well—I’m making “cheesecake”.

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