What’s In My Tortilla Today? Yes, It’s Different Than Yesterday!


I’m starting with a special “behind the tortilla” prep photo just for the heck of it!

2013-04-05 14.33.07

The Trader Joe’s Chile & Onion Tortilla is back and he’s brought friends.  Including, Trader Joe’s This is Not a Tub of Cream Cheese, red onion, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, broccoli, red pepper, tomato, sunflower seeds, butter lettuce (I know!  Moi, use lettuce?), avocado, my secret seasoning (still waiting for me to spill the secret?–keep waiting), Trader Joe’s Jalpeño Pepper Hot Sauce.

This is an IN my tortilla day as I folded this one in half before destroying it!

2013-04-05 14.44.15


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