What’s In My Tortilla Today? Vegan Gluten-Free Elvis!


GF Elvis

I know how crazy it sounds.  I never had this Elvis before so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like it.  I stumbled across a fantastic vegan fake bacon product and I’m in love.  Phoney Baloney’s Coconut Bacon is insanely awesome and  delicious!  It’s made from coconut chips so it’s crunchy and salty and perfect.

Today’s tortilla is a Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortilla (gluten-free, as advertised), crunchy peanut butter, coconut bacon and banana.  And that is it.  Easy as can be.  Great for any time of the day morning or night.  Of course, I folded it in half and it was like an Elvis quesadilla (sans cheese).

On the healthy to hypocrite scale, this is a 50/50.  Healthy points for the gluten free tortilla, fresh fruit and peanut butter made from only peanuts.  Hypocrite points for the coconut bacon which has a high sodium content (just don’t eat a ton of it at one time–not easy, but you can do it!).

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  The best peanut butter is the kind that is made from peanuts and only peanuts.  Organic is best.


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