The Tortilla Has The Day Off? Almost Totally From Scratch Pizza, Wow!


2013-04-21 20.49.40


It’s still kind of tortilla-like, right?  If I can make this pizza, crust included, from scratch, I can certainly make tortillas too.  One of these days!

This is not my recipe, but as always, I do make changes to the recipes I find.  Mostly because I’m just funny like that, but partly because I often don’t have the exact ingredients and still want to make the dish.  I found the recipe on Vedgedout and I knew I had to give it a go.  Please click the link for the recipe and while your at it, I recommend following her too.

Firstly, I have to say, this moxarella recipe is awesome.  I’ve made vegan mozzarella before and it was good, but this is good and super easy too!  I did not alter this part one bit.  Well, I almost did accidentally by not putting in enough tapioca flour.  I was lucky I caught myself and corrected the error.

Secondly, this pizza crust recipe is so easy.  I didn’t alter it in any way either.

Now, the sauce, that IS another story.  I used a can of fire roasted tomatoes with green chilis.  I did have regular ones, but I thought these would add a nice zing.  I also added extra dried basil, onion powder and a little nutritional yeast  to the sauce.  Since these were diced tomatoes, not crushed, I did a light buzz to the sauce with my immersion blender.  Not too much so it would still have some chunks.

The other thing I did was add kalamata olives to the pizzas.  I guess that takes the pizza out of the traditional margherita realm, but I’m not one to worry about such things anyway.

I know this post is already going on way too long (even and especially for me) but I have to say, wow!  This pizza was insanely delicious!  I ate way too much like the hypocrite that I am (at times).  Oh, and these were a huge meal.  I rolled the crust a bit thin and each pizza was more than enough for one person.

Go make this pizza!  You’ll love it!

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  I dried the fresh basil in my salad spinner but afterwards realized that it’s probably a better idea to leave it wet when putting it on the pizza before baking so it won’t dry out as much.  You will want to dry the rest of it that you add after baking (if you choose to add more, which I recommend).

One more photo for your food porn enjoyment!

2013-04-21 20.49.54


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