What’s In My Tortilla Today? I Told You So!


2013-05-31 15.22.55

Tooting my own tortilla’s horn today which we don’t usually do–however, this combination is super tasty!  I said the leftover roasted sweet potato rounds would show up in a tortilla and voila, here they are.  I still can’t believe there were any leftover to begin with!

We start with a Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortilla (these are pretty good for a change of pace, check them out here), then added roasted sweet potato, vegan moxarella cheese, black olives, chunky tomato pizza sauce (I made pizzas the other day and had some leftovers), fresh parsley, avocado and my secret no-salt seasoning.

Bonus photo (I’m making up for being away for over a week):

2013-05-31 15.21.36

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Most leftover foods keep longer than you think.  This is why I like to make extra so I can use them for the next few meals.  Just make sure to put them into air-tight containers before refrigerating and open/remove them from the fridge only when you are ready to eat or use them.  Fresh herbs will keep for quite a while (as in weeks) if you wahs and dry them thoroughly (air dry on a towel, don’t rub) and then roll in a paper towel and put in a plastic zipper closure bag (no brand names here!).  This parsley has been in my refrigerator for around 3 weeks now–impressive, huh?


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