What’s In My Salad Today? Kale, Cabbage and What?


It’s a nice warm summer day here in sunny San Diego and a fresh, cool salad is in order.  And, sometimes I just want to eat with a fork!  It really does look a lot like one of my tortilla creations, doesn’t it?  I could have served this in a tortilla but I’ve got banana bread that I made and that will be my bread item for today.  Not that I really watch the bread thing like a crazed person–I’ve really cut out most all bread except tortillas.  Keep an eye out for the banana bread recipe one of these days.

Today’s salad is (mostly organic) kale, green cabbage, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, red onion, apple, raisin, sunflower seed, fire roasted jalapeño, avocado, lemon juice, fresh garlic and a small splash of olive oil.

Oh!  I just realized as I’m typing this that I forgot to include the yellow beet that I have.  Darn it!  I’ll add it to my next meal.  I have to say that this is a nice mix of crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy–the jalapeño adds zing and the raisins and apple balance with sweetness and the seeds for crunch and the avocado tops it all perfectly.  No chemical and fatty salad dressing needed!

2013-07-09 15.19.47

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Save vegetable scraps, skins, etc. (always wash first even if you are peeling so you can use for your broth) in a large gallon size freezer bag and when the bag is full, add to a large soup pot filled with water and make vegetable broth.  I usually add a few bay leaves and extra onion for good measure. I’ve discovered a great way to strain the broth by using a coffer filter in a funnel over a large glass jar.  Works great if you ladle the broth (you might want to wait for it to cool) into the lined funnel.  Also, last batch I made I re-used the veggies for a second batch by adding more water and simmering again.  Some of hhe best veggies to use for broth include onion, carrot, celery, garlic, parsley, tomato, zucchini, potato and leek.  I don’t typically use red beets because of the color, but you could use yellow beets.


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