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What’s ON My Tortilla Today? Last Night’s Leftover Lentils!


2013-08-13 12.02.02

It’s ON!  As in, this is an ON my tortilla day not an IN my tortilla day.  This tortilla is exactly why I advocate for making extra of things like lentils and quinoa so you will have leftovers.  It’s probably hard for you to believe that there actually are lentils on this tortilla!  They are there–hidden under the tasty veggies!

I started with a Trader Joe’s Chile and Onion Tortilla which I crisped in the toaster oven.  Then I added the lentils which I reheated on the stove top (no microwave in the HH kitchen!).  Next, red onion, fresh cilantro, yellow beet, zucchini and avocado.  A sprinkle of my not so secret no salt seasoning, a few dashes of hot sauce and a few raw sunflower seeds to finish the whole thing off.

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  When I need a tasty snack while traveling to an event or something, I like to make these as wraps.  Just make sure you don’t overdo any one ingredient portion-wise and you’ll be able to get lots of variety.


What’s In My Tortilla Today? Kinda Like Last Time, Only Better!


2013-08-12 13.39.55


Really I say it’s better, but that’s just because I took a picture of it for you!

Happy to be back on the tortilla trail again.  I’ve been so busy with my paying gig that I’ve not had much time to photograph, let alone, write about my tortilla adventures.  Oh, I’m still busy, but there’s a sense of time being easier at the moment, so I’m going with it.

I realize that I don’t typically go into the details of how much of each ingredient I use for these tortillas.  Let’s mix it up today and get detailed.

I started with a Trader Joe’s Chile and Onion Tortilla.  I keep them in the freezer (not that they last long enough for that to be an issue) so I take one out.  I grab the rest of my ingredients that I feel like using today.

Hummus:  one serving is 2 Tbls, and I used just under that

Red onion:  chopped, about 1/8 cup or so

Zucchini:  1″ slice from a small one (about 1Tbls)

Yellow beet:  1/4″ slice from a medium one (about 1/2 Tbls)

Jalapeno:  about a 1/3 ” slice (remove seeds) from a medium sized pepper

Garlic:  one medium clove

Cilantro:  small handful of leaves, chopped a little

Seitan O’ Greatness:  This was made the other day too.  1/2 slice off the log (about 1/4 cup) and cut into small cubes

Tomato:  1/3″-1/2″ slice from a medium one, diced

Avocado:  1/4 of a medium sized one, diced (ish)

Nutritional yeast:  tiny sprinkle (1/4 tsp?)

Sunflower seeds:  raw, about 1/8 cup (one serving is 1/4 cup, by the way)

Bragg’s Organic Vinaigrette:  maybe a tsp.  (one serving is 2 Tbls, so you see you don’t even need that much)

Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce:  a few splashes

I thought I’d like the tortilla a little crispy around the edges so I put it in the toaster oven with the above ingredients on it at about 300ºF.  You really should keep an eye on tortillas in the toaster oven.  I have inadvertently walked away and burned a few in my day.  Also, I have this old hand-me-down toaster oven that doesn’t shut off automatically and I hate to burn and waste food.

While that was in the oven, I put the zucchini, fire roasted jalapeno (this was made previously and in the fridge),  garlic and yellow beet into my trusty mini chopper and chopped somewhat finely.

Then I took the tortilla out of the oven and then put the chopped cilantro, the veggie mix from the chopper and the cubed seitan on top.  Then I added the tomato, a tiny sprinkle of nutritional yeast and the avocado.  Then I drizzled on the vinaigrette and splashed on the hot sauce.  I always put the sunflower seeds on last so they don’t get too soggy–they are the raw variety, so they’re not a crunchy as roasted anyway.  Then I put the tortilla on my good old clear glass plate (my first and only set of dishes I bought when I was 19–never broke one piece in all the years) and took the photo.

Now, I’m about halfway done eating the thing as I write this.  It’s quite good, if I do say so myself.  Spicy, crispy yet chewy and filling.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  If you are trying to cut down on how much you eat, drink more water.  It helps you feel more full.  I know I’ve mentioned drinking more water before, but it’s important.  And, no,  beverages like coffee and soda that contain water do not count as water and why do you waste your money on them anyway?

What’s In My Smoothie Today? They Call It A Candy Bar Smoothie!


I got this in an email the other day from VegNews and decided that since I had all the ingredients, I’d make it for breakfast today.  It’s thick and hearty for a smoothie!  The photo came in the email too and is not mine.  The recipe is from Natalie Slater’s hot-off-the-press Bake and Destroy.  So let’s give credit where credit is due!


Makes 1 smoothie
What You Need:
1 frozen ripe banana
½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2 to 3 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons flaxseeds (I used ground flax)
2 tablespoons raw cocoa nibs
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
Almond milk
leftDottedLine 3
What You Do:
1. In a blender, place the banana, coconut, almond butter, flaxseeds, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and vanilla.2. Cover with almond milk and blend until smooth, adding more to achieve your desired consistency.

Chef’s Tip:
Add your favorite vegan protein powder for an extra dose of nutrition!


Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Keep frozen (ripe) bananas on hand so you can always make a quick healthy treat.  Peel and cut into chunks and put into an air tight container.  Or you can just freeze the whole banana in the peel (in a freezer bag). I’d say frozen bananas can last a few months in the freezer, but use common sense–if they have lots of freezer burn (looks like snow) on them, you may not want to use in a smoothie, but may still be okay for a banana bread.

What’s In My Salad Today? Kale, Cabbage and What?


It’s a nice warm summer day here in sunny San Diego and a fresh, cool salad is in order.  And, sometimes I just want to eat with a fork!  It really does look a lot like one of my tortilla creations, doesn’t it?  I could have served this in a tortilla but I’ve got banana bread that I made and that will be my bread item for today.  Not that I really watch the bread thing like a crazed person–I’ve really cut out most all bread except tortillas.  Keep an eye out for the banana bread recipe one of these days.

Today’s salad is (mostly organic) kale, green cabbage, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, red onion, apple, raisin, sunflower seed, fire roasted jalapeño, avocado, lemon juice, fresh garlic and a small splash of olive oil.

Oh!  I just realized as I’m typing this that I forgot to include the yellow beet that I have.  Darn it!  I’ll add it to my next meal.  I have to say that this is a nice mix of crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy–the jalapeño adds zing and the raisins and apple balance with sweetness and the seeds for crunch and the avocado tops it all perfectly.  No chemical and fatty salad dressing needed!

2013-07-09 15.19.47

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Save vegetable scraps, skins, etc. (always wash first even if you are peeling so you can use for your broth) in a large gallon size freezer bag and when the bag is full, add to a large soup pot filled with water and make vegetable broth.  I usually add a few bay leaves and extra onion for good measure. I’ve discovered a great way to strain the broth by using a coffer filter in a funnel over a large glass jar.  Works great if you ladle the broth (you might want to wait for it to cool) into the lined funnel.  Also, last batch I made I re-used the veggies for a second batch by adding more water and simmering again.  Some of hhe best veggies to use for broth include onion, carrot, celery, garlic, parsley, tomato, zucchini, potato and leek.  I don’t typically use red beets because of the color, but you could use yellow beets.

What’s In My Tortilla Today? Vegan Tofu Scramble! Product Review Alert!


The kind folks at Phoney Baloneys sent me a pack of Kyle Domer’s Rations with my last order for their coconut bacon.  So I guess this is kind of like a semi-solicited review, but I didn’t order this from them, so who knows or cares?

2013-06-02 13.40.31

Okay, so this product is a spice packet for seasoning tofu for a tofu scramble.  This is not something I eat frequently, but from time to time I do buy organic, non-gmo tofu.  At first I thought there wasn’t enough in the packet to season a full block of tofu.  I was pleasantly surprised that it did provide enough flavor for the block of extra firm tofu as well as the add-ins I put in with it.  The seasonings are a little spicy, which I am partial to.   I did notice an aroma when I first added it to the tofu in the skillet that seemed kind of “eggy” like real eggs which for a vegan, is a major turn off.  This “eggy” scent did not carry over into the flavor so no worries.  I added red onion, orange bell pepper, fresh parsley and baby spinach to the skillet when I sauteed the tofu and again, there was enough flavor to cover all of this too.  I did add a little sprinkle of nutritional yeast as I can’t resist adding stuff.  I was going to add some of my secret no-salt seasoning but I managed to resist the urge out of a desire to taste this seasoning as it is  This dish would’ve been fined served just like this on a plate, but you know me, I’ve got to put it into a tortilla.  I used a Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Tortilla (gluten free, baby!) which I warmed slightly in the toaster oven. I also added some avocado, raw sunflower seeds and Trader Jose’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce.

In review, this is a nicely flavored seasoning for tofu scramble worth trying for the ease of just throwing it into the skillet with the tofu for a quick and tasty meal.

2013-06-02 13.40.11

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Get to know your local health food store, especially one with bulk bins.  I regularly buy many of my nuts, seeds, beans and grains in bulk when they are on sale.  My local Sprouts Farmers Market store (within walking distance, lucky me!) has a weekly flyer in the mail so I usually look it over to see what produce is in season and on sale along with bulk items.  Items I almost always have on hand are sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, black beans, garbanzo beans, raisins, dried cranberries, onion, oatmeal, flax seeds, chia seeds, popcorn (great air-popped), lentils, quinoa, nutritional yeast (yay bulk bins!).  I know you might be thinking, what about the farmer’s market?  I do advocate shopping there as well, but you need to have a price baseline so the local store is a good gauge.

Another bonus photo for your viewing pleasure:

2013-06-02 13.39.35

What’s In My Tortilla Today? It’s Not Easy!


By that I mean, it’s not always easy coming up with titles for these tortilla posts.  Really, it’s not always difficult coming up with the titles either.  The tortillas themselves are pretty easy, most of the time.

Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortilla, vegan moxarella cheese, red onion (lots!), orange bell pepper, fresh parsley, yellow beets, hummus, avocado, black pepper, Trader Jose’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce, my secret no-salt seasoning


2013-06-01 18.25.52

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Step away from the computer and go outside and take a walk around the block.  You can thank me later.

What’s In My Tortilla Today? I Told You So!


2013-05-31 15.22.55

Tooting my own tortilla’s horn today which we don’t usually do–however, this combination is super tasty!  I said the leftover roasted sweet potato rounds would show up in a tortilla and voila, here they are.  I still can’t believe there were any leftover to begin with!

We start with a Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortilla (these are pretty good for a change of pace, check them out here), then added roasted sweet potato, vegan moxarella cheese, black olives, chunky tomato pizza sauce (I made pizzas the other day and had some leftovers), fresh parsley, avocado and my secret no-salt seasoning.

Bonus photo (I’m making up for being away for over a week):

2013-05-31 15.21.36

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Most leftover foods keep longer than you think.  This is why I like to make extra so I can use them for the next few meals.  Just make sure to put them into air-tight containers before refrigerating and open/remove them from the fridge only when you are ready to eat or use them.  Fresh herbs will keep for quite a while (as in weeks) if you wahs and dry them thoroughly (air dry on a towel, don’t rub) and then roll in a paper towel and put in a plastic zipper closure bag (no brand names here!).  This parsley has been in my refrigerator for around 3 weeks now–impressive, huh?