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What’s In My Homemade Tortilla Today? Pistachios!


2013-08-17 15.13.32Homemade tortillas!

This is one of my most favorite combinations that I’ve ever invented.  It’s even better on my homemade tortillas.  The first time I made this I had some fancy 9 grain vegan bread which was awesome but not like this.

Simple and fresh:

Avocado, white onion, cucumber, pistachios, white pepper and sea salt.

I made two small tortillas and I’ve already eaten them.  I think I might have to make another one.

Healthy Hypocrite Tip:  Need to chop nuts?  Don’t want to bother with the electric chopper or the mess of knife chopping?  Put the nuts into a bag and use a mallet or other heavy wide implement (I used the heavy end of my knife handle) to break them into pieces right in the bag.  Do this on your cutting board.





What’s In My Tortilla Tonight? Green and I Mean it!


Green Machine Tortilla


I invented this combination a few years ago and it’s not an everyday eat, but trust me, is it ever good!  As I write this, I’m toying with the idea of making a little contest so you can win something if you guess the ingredients of one of my tortillas…I’m open to suggestions as to how to set this up in the near future.  Or I suppose I can figure it out and just get on with it.  ;o)

Enjoy this one.  Fewest ingredients in one of my tortillas yet.

Trader Joe’s Chile and Onion Tortilla, avocado, cucumber, pistachios, onion powder, garlic powder.


Healthy Hypocrite tip:  If the shell of a pistachio does not have a crack in it that allows you to easily open it with your fingers, throw it out.  They should be easily opened otherwise they are not good.