What’s in my tortilla today?


This is my first post in what I plan to have as a regular feature on this blog. Why? I find it so much easier to take tasty/healthy food ingredients that I have in my fridge and pantry and put them in a tortilla rather than preparing some elaborate dish.  Plus it’s usually just me.  My cat is not vegan and while I like to let him sniff what I’m eating, he very rarely ever tries to take a bite.  The other thing is that when I have to work my little part time job down the street, I need to bring something to eat that I can have cold or heat in the toaster oven.  Okay, so that”s the story of it.

What’s in my tortilla today?

Let’s start with the tortilla itself. It is one of my favorite tortillas from Trader Joe’s. It’s the Chile and Onion flour tortilla.  While it is not gluten free (I’m experimenting with that too) it is vegan.

Notice how I’m not calling it a burrito?  I know it really is a burrito in my mind, but I’m sure some purists would argue so I’m not going there.

Hummus (spicy Jalapeno variety, also from Trader Joe’s), red onion (finely chopped), brown Jasmine rice, walnuts (chopped), broccoli (also chopped–I had to use this up so it won’t go bad), tomato (diced), Daiya Cheddar Cheese Shreds (this is a treat, not a staple ingredient by any means), hot sauce (guess where it’s from?), nutritional yeast (I’ll write an entire post about this soon), green olives with pimentos (chopped), plus I put a small amount of my leftover cashew cream sauce (I made kale chips with this yesterday–recipe to follow).

I know some of you may be saying “how much of each ingredient do I use?”  This is a good and valid question.  I will say this, you need far less of each ingredient than you probably think.  These little tortillas fill up fast.  Think tablespoon/teaspoon instead of cups!   Learn how much will fit nicely when you wrap it up and you’re good to go.

I forgot to mention that I made two of these so I’ve just had one for lunch and I’ll have one later for an early dinner.

Enjoy whatever you may find to put in your tortilla and feel free to share!




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